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This fall, Tetris is coming to the PlayStation 4. But this isn’t quite like any Tetris game you’ve ever played before. 

Tetris Effect” looks like a new, trippy and breathtaking way to play one of the most popular video games of all time. It’s inspired by a scientific phenomena of the same name — Tetris players reported seeing the game’s iconic puzzle pieces, hours after playing. “Tetris Effect,” the game, is designed to stimulate the same effect with gorgeous visuals.

The game won’t be out until the fall, but expect to hear more about “Tetris Effect” at E3 over the next week. 

Take a look at our first glimpse of “Tetris Effect:”



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First, let’s talk about how this game got its name.

The Tetris Effect is the actual name for what happens to your brain after playing Tetris (or another game) for so long that your brain starts to see the game’s images everywhere, even when you’re not playing. 

In 2000, a Harvard study found that 60 percent of test subjects who had played at least seven hours of Tetris over the course of three days reported seeing falling blocks hours after they had stopped playing.

The Tetris Effect also manifests in a player dreaming about the game, or becoming more observant of the way that objects in real life — like bricks on the side of a building, or books on a shelf — fit together.

This new game plans to capitalize on the Tetris Effect, by playing up the game’s hypnotic imagery and addictive nature.

The game will feature at least 30 mesmerizing stages, complete with stunning art, enchanting music, uniquely styled blocks, and even animated backgrounds that react to the player’s actionsall designed to maximize the Tetris Effect.

The best part?

“Tetris Effect” will also support the PlayStation VR headset, so players can be fully immersed and surrounded by this acid trip of a game.

In a post to the official PlayStation blog today, the developer said every stage will have its own theme, and that “they’re all meant to make you feel something — to convey a mood, or even provoke an emotional response.”

If the levels are anything like the game’s trailer, it’s safe to say we’re in for an incredibly nostalgic (and a little emotional) ride. 

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